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R800.00 per unit

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Are you a Business
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Apple Storage

your easy self-storage solution


Do you like to travel a lot and concerned about leaving your belongings behind?
Now you can go places without worrying about what is left behind.

Are you looking for peace of mind?
Apple Storage will keep your precious belongings safe.

Are you looking for a new home or in between homes and need a place for storing your sentimental items?
We have different sized units to service those needs.

Do you have a growing family and running out of space in your garage?
Get a unit from us on call for a good rate on a continual run.

Do you have photo albums, an old music collection, too many books for your shelves?
We have security pods to help you keep those special items safe. 

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Are you a small business or large company and looking to expand?
Apple Storage has space for all your expansion needs.

Does your business have products you need to store off site?
Let us take care of your storage needs.

Do you have sensitive documents you would like to store off site; copies of title deeds; hard drives with sensitive info that you would like to keep copies of?
We have pods to service those needs.

Are you a company who would like to use our facilities on a long-term basis?
We can negotiate a great rate for you.

Is your business vat registered?
Great, remember we are vat registered, now you can get a vat invoice every month. If you are not a vat entity, no worries, you can still submit your storage expenses to lower your income tax

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Peace of Mind
know that all your belongings are safe with Apple Storage

At Apple Storage you will find that our prices are competitive and transparent. Reserving a unit online is free, without any obligation.  Even better, various promotions apply throughout the year, so do check in from time to time. We offer tailor made packages for long term rentals that can be discussed on application. All our prices are inclusive of VAT.
Leave a 
comment if you would like to place an order or contact us to ensure your booking.

Are you a traveller?

Are you a small business owner?

Are you renovating, downscaling, archiving, travelling or moving house? At Apple Storage, you will find a self storage solution for anyone, in any situation. Whether you are moving home or you are a student between terms, whether you are a large company or a small online business. Our manager will help you find the best options and assist you at every step of the way.

Peace of Mind
know that all your belongings are safe with Apple Storage

About us

As a storage company we are experienced in dealing with the needs of both private and corporate clients.We at Apple Storage know what you want, enabling us to cater for your needs in a professional manner. Self Storage for professional and private use, excess stock management or filing.

Conveniently and centrally located in Randburg, near the N1 highway.

Storage options​

Security pod
0.7m x 1m x 1.1m = 0.08 m³


Small unit
2.1m x 1.8m x 2.1m = 7.9 m³ 


Medium unit
4m x 2.3m x 2.4m = 22.1 m³ 


Large unit
6m x 2.3m x 2.4m = 33.1 m³

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Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm
Saturdays 8am – 3pm
Open most public holidays
8am – 3pm
After hours needs to be prearranged

This months specials​

Apple Storage has friendly and helpful staff, in addition to the other services we offer, we have palettes, bubble wrap, plastic rolls, boxes, tapes, blankets and locks which tenants can pre-order and buy from us, leave a comment to place an order.

Best Summer specials

ranging from R595 per month.

T&Cs apply

Are you a Traveller?
Now you can go places knowing
that your belongings are safe


528A West Avenue
Ferndale Ext 11


Tel +27 83 326 7477
Tel +27 82 681 5677
Fax +27 86 510 5249


Weekdays - 8am - 5pm
Saturdays - 8am - 3pm
Public holidays 8am - 3pm
* After hours need to be prearranged