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At Apple Storage you will find that our prices are competitive and transparent. Reserving a unit online is free, without any obligation.  Even better, various promotions apply throughout the year, so do check in from time to time. We offer tailor made packages for long term rentals that can be discussed on application. All our prices are inclusive of VAT. Leave a comment if you would like to place an order or contact us to ensure your booking.


Apple Storage will manage the collection and delivery of your goods to and from our premises and furnish you with a competitive quote. Please ensure that you have good transit insurance. In our store, we also offer a wide range of boxes, pallets and packing supplies such as bubble wrap, tape, blankets and protection covers. You can find the price and promotions for our packaging here.


Are you renovating, downscaling, archiving, travelling or moving house? At Apple Storage, you will find a self storage solution for anyone, in any situation. Whether you are moving home or you are a student between terms, whether you are a large company or a small online business. Our manager will help you find the best options and assist you at every step of the way.


Apple Storage has a friendly and helpful staff, in addition to the other services we offer, we have palettes, bubble wrap, plastic rolls, boxes, tapes, blankets and locks which tenants can pre-order and buy from us, leave a comment to place an order and contact us for current Specials


As a storage company we are experienced in dealing with the needs of both private and corporate clients. We at Apple Storage know what you want, enabling us to cater for your needs in a professional manner. Self Storage for professional and private use, excess stock management or filing. Conveniently and centrally situated in Randburg, near the N1 highway, we offer our clients peace of mind knowing that your belongings can be stored in our secure facility, safe under the watchful eye of our 24-hour armed response service with electric fencing, floodlights, security beams and personal at all times. So, when you have something valuable but no space, remember Apple Storage.


Mond – Frid  08:00am – 18:00pm
Saturdays  08:00am – 15:00pm
Open public holidays 08:00am – 15:00pm
After hours needs to be prearranged

Team Members


Hjalmar de Waal


Owner of Apple Storage cc, which he founded in 2005.



General Manager

Marina is the General Accounts manager of Apple Storage cc and the go to person for all your queries and needs



Forklift Operator

Sakkie is our forklift operator and works alongside Mpo



Site Manager

Mpo is a valued member of Apple Storage and has been with us since 2006




Your goods will be stored in a well-lit facility, completely surrounded by an electrified perimeter fence. Located around the property are 16 security beams, the slightest disturbance of which will immediately summon units of the ever-vigilant 24-hour armed response service we employ. Even the storage units themselves are each fitted with a 2-4 lock mechanism providing the last link in the solid chain of defense keeping your belongings safe. Flood lights Beams which activate alarm Electric palisade fencing 24 hour armed response

Collection & Delivery

Collection & Delivery

Apple Storage offers to collect, deliver and store your items. When you you find yourself in need of these items we will arrange return delivery to you. Just further evidence that we know what you need and have ensured to provide it. View our Solutions



In addition to the other services we offer, Apple Storage also maintains a secure facility for the storage of your unused office items. Those bits and pieces of office equipment that, though working, serve only to clutter up the limited space of your workplace. We’re all loath to discard these potentially useful items but need the valuable space they occupy. Assisted help is given for packing your container with the use of our forklift. Long term and short term rentals available month to month or pre-paid.



We offer different types and sizes of moving boxes and storage boxes. In our stores, we also sell a wide range of packing supplies such as bubble wrap, tape and protection covers. You can find the price and promotions for our moving and packing supplies on this website Click here to view our range and more.

Affordable Rates

Affordable Rates

We offer affordable solutions to store your items. Containers ranging from R660* to R895, Includes VAT* Conditions Apply


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Victor Hugo, Les Miserables,1862

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To store or not to store….

whether you are downscaling, moving home, going abroad, starting a new business, archiving or you are a student between terms;whether you are a large company or a small online business. Our managers will help you find the best solution and assist you at every step of the way.

"creativity is intelligence having fun."

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Hello world!

Apple Storage has just started a packaging product line, to read more go to our website for details

Welcome to our new website

At Apple Storage, you will find a self storage option for anyone, in any
situation.whether you are moving home or you are a studen between
terms; whether you are a large company or a small online business.
Our store managers will help you find the best solution and
assist you at every step of the way.

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